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Recently I had the idea of building two blogs in parallel, AaronBarlow.net and AaronBarlow.com. AaronBarlow.net would be a sort of personal blog where I type about anything from my own life to random things I find out in the world that I’d like to share.

AaronBarlow.com would be used for sharing solutions to tricky issues at work. You know, the sort of tricky issues that start with a cryptic error message in some “enterprise” application that comes back with zero results when put in quotes and thrown into Google. Seems a great plan, right? Right.

I hope to get these blogs going quickly, but for right now I’m more or less parking both pages here. I’m working full time and finishing up a full time school education, so I’ll get to this when I get to it. In the meantime there might be blog pages behind this main page. As of right now there are not. If I remember I rambled about that I’ll update this landing page when I add real content. EDIT: I added a post. I am feeling a bit lazy when it comes to creating AaronBarlow.com, however, so I’m leaving this up until that page doesn’t redirect here.

-Aaron Barlow

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